Thursday, December 30, 2010

36. Rewind 2010

these are the things I've achieved/done in 2010.

  • I am finally happy and content with where I am headed.
  • I found my calling, my reason, my inspiration.
  • I have loved and lost and love again.
  • My relationship with my mother & family has never been closer.
  • I have taken the time to listen and enjoy my grandmother's presence and her wonderful stories.
  • I have met, established trust and photographed strangers I never knew would change my life forever.
  • I have gain friendships in Melbourne that I can call to be true friends.
  • I learned more about wine & food in my new job.
  • I know now how to pitch a tent up.
  • I learned how to make a cappuccino and bake brownies.
  • The Little Prince
career related
  • I have quit a job that was making me unhappy.
  • I have worked with professional organizations such as Lighthouse Foundation & Servants in Hawthorn.
  • I will be having a book published with my name on it in 2012.
  • I photographed the Festival of Indonesia in Melbourne and made really great contacts for future references.
  • I've learnt how to use 5x4 format (film camera)
  • I regard myself as a photographer above all else - and thus, others will see me as a photographer first.
  • I learn how to be given a deadline & work towards it.
  • I gain another job and I have another job lined up for 2011 that is photography related.
  • I have talked and shown my pictures at a professional Annual Meeting.
  • Volunteered for the Australian Professional Photography Awards
  • I've travelled from Victoria through South Australia to the Northern Territory(Alice Springs, Katherine, Darwin) for a month in a bus
  • I have seen the way a cattle station works.
  • I have seen Uluru :)!
  • Travelled around Victoria (Dookie - Nagambie - Yea - Eildon - Marysville)
  • I woke up at 5.30am for 10 days straight!
  • I slept in a tent while it was cold and raining, and I have also slept in a swag while it was hot, humid and letting my body get feasted by mozzies
  • I've acquired the taste of chai lattes (with honey!)
  • I had an early death scare regarding my dad in January.
  • My best friend & I have never been closer since I moved from Brunei.
  • I have loved and lost 3 cell phones!
  • We moved house and mum moved in with us.
  • I have fallen sick so many times this year and I'm still recovering.
  • 4 weeks without a cellphone.
  • Facebook helped me find my cousin in the UK and my long lost childhood friend.
  • Hard drive failure twice in a row - lost all my images.
  • Harry Potter Midnight screening
  • Catching up over coffee @ Auction Rooms with Jason
  • I discover my grandmother has old family photographs! :)
  • New camera, new lens, new flashes.
  • I have earned over 10 grand and spent pretty much 10 grand.
I think... that's it so far. I can't remember anymore. I hope your 2010 has been amazing.

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