Monday, November 7, 2011

66. pondering

tomorrow (well later today) I meet with an ex heroin user (on and off) and ex prison inmate.

It's funny how I feel a little apprehensive about it but mainly okay. I'm more worried about how the conversation flows and taking photographs and how it proceeds than my danger of being in the situation.

I only really ever contemplate danger when others point it out to me. Hm. I'm not sure if that is a a good thing or not..

I try to believe that people are ultimately good. and if I'm good to them, they will be good back.

That's how I feel anyway. I'm hoping it will go well and it be a folio shoot....

I'm just fretting. I have less than 2 weeks and barely anything to show for the entire semester.

and I know i am to blame for it. Fuck depression.

also, i wonder how much danger i would push myself to get pictures...

if anything happens though, I just want to be grateful today that I do have people that care about me and love me enough to worry about me meeting with potential danger. (even if I don't care about it)

:) post later x

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