Thursday, September 2, 2010


struggling with this concept we know as love.

this has been the most exhausting week for me, physically and emotionally tired. I've skipped two classes out of 4 this week, that is half my classes. and I have about 5 assignments due next week and each one i have not yet started. I've been sleeping at 1am the earliest this week... and I'm just so completely tired.... I just want to sleep all the time, sleep away my problems, my exhaustion, my mind. It hurts my mind when i think, but i honestly cannot stop thinking. Usually, i can distract myself with other things, but not.. the past week.. i guess i've sorta come to realise that perhaps i don't love, i just crave companionship. i don't know really. it's 1am again, and i'm awake. No classes tomorrow but i have Carrical. I should probably go, at least it might brighten up my day.

i kinda just wanna crawl into my bed and stay there, perhaps wait till someone finds me... i have this urge to travel somewhere, i think if next week i have the weekend off.. i might just fly somewhere, who knows....

goodnight. i do apologise for my whiny rants about my life, i promise once this week is over, i'll start writing/posting up happy things :)


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