Monday, January 9, 2012

70. it's lonely down under.


an obligatory post, i suppose. 9 days into the new year and it's looking a bit strange. it's going to be a very unpredictable year - a very challenging year. and it will be a year that I'll make so many mistakes and take so many more risks and it will be a year of many many failures and hopefully some success... It will be a year for even greater growth.

it's been 9 days and somehow it feels that a month has passed by. Working countless hours 12 hour shifts 3 different jobs - haven't had much time to contemplate....

my lover is with me down under and i'm thankful for what he brings into my life. i wish we were more settled into ours but soon.

i've come to a realisation i don't like my own life so I live others using photography as my excuse, my reason but really it's all an escape...

it's a never ending list of doubts and uncertainty.

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