Sunday, March 27, 2011

50. so...

I apologise for my recent half-arse attempts to blog - (refer to the two sentences in the previous 2 posts haha!)

How can I explain where I am at this particular moment in my life. The scene that surrounds me in my room is - my camera bag sitting on the ground from last night. All my power boards being used to charge up flash batteries, camera batteries. My iPhone plugged into my computer because I have no more spare outlets to charge it. 4 memory cards & a usb reader on my table side. My pretty little dress waiting to be washed - and it reeks of alcohol from Friday night.
Today - another shoot, sometimes I'm not sure why I shoot but I do anyway, as boring or mundane the job can be, I shoot anyway. I try to get something out of it, like potential make up artists that could collaborate for the future, an Indian lady wanting formal portraits for her family, etc etc. Perhaps today will let me learn something new. A community event, hm.

I have three (or four..) projects on the go at the moment. All of them kinda halted. - gaining access is a tad annoying. THis blog is dead the end lol :)


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